Your account has expired. Please contact admin

Hi to everyone one. I’m a newbie here and encountered this problem when trying to log in on a mobile app and on a web version as an end user or even as an admin user, tried to google, searched everywhere on the knowledge base - no help. Could anyone, please, suggest what should I do?

p.s. according my my plan (free plan), I see end users have access to the mobile application.

Hi @roman.pikul,

The end user access is available for Starter and above plans. The free developer plan does not have access to the end-user portal. The developer plan is majorly for developers and early-stage startups to experiment and explore building full-stack apps.

This plan allows users to create their applications without worrying about plans and renewals. Once the app is ready to go live, they can opt for the desired plan to publish the app and make it available to their end users.