Workflows - Iterate tasks

This article is now deprecated now. Refer to this article here.

Iterating task

You can have a few situations where you would need to repeat the task. For example, you might be adding the Candidate’s educational details, which can be in multiples. In such cases, where you are using the Update Sheet task, you need not input the Name and submit the record every time a new record for a new qualification is added. You can make use of the Form Multirow control and add the Degree and Marks columns here which would be input multiple times as you simply need to repeat the task of accepting the qualification details. In these scenarios, you can use the Task Iteration option within the Update Task which would add these records as multiple rows for the same Candidate in the respective sheet. You can specify the criteria wherever such iteration is required. Task iteration is available with Update Sheet task, Use API task, Email task, Third-party services, Personal services, Personal DB services.

Workflows are very vital components of your apps enabling you to automate your business processes. The series of defined tasks represent the various stages through which the process executes allowing you to achieve the business rules and goals.