Whitelisting IP Addresses

A cybersecurity method that allows managers control over who can access company systems and resources is the whitelisting of an IP address. IP whitelisting (also known as “allowlisting”) entails compiling a list of reliable IP addresses (dedicated static IP addresses are required), associating each one with a certain user or group of users as a means of identification, and allowing the IP address to be used on the target server only.

With IP Whitelisting you get-

  • Network Access control
  • Sass Access control
  • Remote Access enablement

In Studio After your Database server is accessible, you may need to set up your Database engine itself to accept connections from DronaHQ servers.
When connecting your database, you will need to whitelist our IP addresses to enable our server to access your database.
You can whitelist our IP addresses -,
by toggling on the Whitelist IP to allow DronaHQ connect to your database.

This is applicable for both – Databases and Third-Party APIS