What would be the best way to use custom GIFs in apps?

I am creating repository app that looks up rows from a sheet.
Each row will have elements like - name, description, images, icon and so on.
I want to store GIF file [Video if GIF is not possible] and display it on screen along with other details.

Currently I am using a Detail View Control that looksup the info from sheet. I’d like to use that in a Panel so that I can have the detailed view on one side and the GIF run on the other side of screen.

Hi @user1
You can use the Image control and provide GIF url that will display your GIFs.

There is also a Media Player control that you can provide your Video link and can use to play your Video. Direct link to video is supported currently.

Hope this Helps!

Thank you fenil, I was able to use Gifs using the Image control.