What is DronaHQ Studio?

DronaHQ Studio is a no-code platform that uses a visual development interface to create apps with little or no coding knowledge. The platform offers different functionalities like developing and designing Microapps, building sheets, creating automation to simplify repetitive processes, and so on.

Once you log on to Studio using your organizational authentication you can see a default home page. Among the basic components is the microapps/ Apps that you can design to perform simple, customer-oriented tasks using a simple interface. The micro apps are basically designed to seamlessly run on any device.

Create a Microapp

After authentication and authorization, you can see an account dashboard, wherein all apps created by your account are listed. You can Add, Edit, or Delete these microapps here.

To create a new app, click the ‘+’ icon (which is usually the first icon on the screen).

With this, you can either create a brand new app or create an app from a range of ready apps or from the ready templates.

Creating a brand new app from scratch

If you want to design a new app on your own select the Create New button, you will be able to see a popup for the new app definition.

  • Enter an App Name and App Description. The Catalog would be defined as per your organizational authorization.

  • Click Choose the Device to select the default Device from Mobile, Tablet, desktop or landscape mobile device.

  • Select the appropriate icon from the available list to represent your app or you can upload an image of your own as well.

Once all details have been filled in, click ‘Create App’ to proceed to the App builder view. Here you can use different screen types, add controls and workflows and also define rules and validation. The new app created would be added to the account dashboard.

For more details on building your app, refer

Apps Showcase - Templates

There are times where there are apps that are widely used by several users. Studio has the Apps Showcase - Templates that provide ready functionality and also help speed up the development process. You only need to customize the template as per your requirement. So you need not put in too much time to build it from scratch but quickly can get it ready for the market.

Under Studio Console > Apps you can find the Templates which provides you a host of different common apps to choose from.

You can see several different templates like Risk Assessment, Tasks, Sales Dashboard, Employee onboarding, and many more.

For more info on App Templates read Using App Templates

Other app operations

Once you have created your app you can view some more operations are available for your apps.

If you click on more options (three dots) for any of the apps, you would see the options available to Edit details, change status, set permissions, and delete apps.

  • Edit details: This option provides you the details to update the basic details for the app like the app name, description, and icon. Make the necessary changes and click Save.

  • Change status to Live: This enables you to set the status of the app to Live status.

  • Set Permissions: This allows you to set the App permission for different users as Creator or Publisher or even restrict access with No access. The permission settings would be available to the owner of the app. You can also notify the users via Email when the access type is assigned to the users.

  • Delete: This allows you to delete your app.

Publishing your app

Once satisfied, you can publish the app by clicking Publish. Choose the user environment (Prod/Beta users) that you want to release. It is very important to add a relevant release note. You can give Organizational or Public access as well.

publilshing your app

For more information on publishing the apps refer here.

Note that the status of your newly created App is Draft. Whenever you publish this app for distribution it would be set to Live. You can set the status to Live or Draft depending upon the changes you are planning. The app can then be installed by anyone from the Android Playstore and the Apple Appstore or from the Web browser.

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