What is DataStore

What is Data Store showing in advance controls section ?

How we can use this control in the project ?


It is an advance control to have a collection of data items in a single control. This can be later referenced in other controls by using its uniqueid.key


What all the controls can reference the datastore control ? Container controls or basic controls ? I had tried to bind the datastore control with a collection of records in a table by giving the formula and tried to bind a textbox with datastore.fieldname and the textbox is showing the value of the field based on the record no given in the datastore property “Default selected Item Index”. Is it possible to set the property default selected index during run time ? because getting the feeling tht setting the default selected item index during design time is not practical.


It has to be set during design time. The purpose of this control is to save the trouble of fetching the records everytime and saving duplicate calls.

You anywayz have the lookup function to do dynamic fetching.

Ok. So you are telling that Datastore can be used bind only a single record in a sheet which has to be set at design time. right ?