What are Workflows?

This article will brief you about Workflows in Studio.

Workflows are a series of defined tasks that are used to automate your Business Process. A Business Process consists of various stages through which the process executes. Workflows represent these stages in the form of Tasks. These tasks range from simply sending a notification to all employees in your department, or seeking approval for a leave request or updating your master data. Different users perform actions assigned to them as various stages that are defined in these tasks.

In Studio, Workflows consists of the following tasks -

  • Input Tasks - This task is used to Assign a screen as an input task to any user. You can assign the desired user who will perform an action on the screen that will be triggered/opened when the Workflow executes.
  • Approval Tasks - This task is used to assign an Approval request to the assigned user. For example, in the Leave Application app, when an employee requests for a leave, the manager takes a decision whether to approve the leave or not, this decision can be configured in Approval Tasks.
  • Update Sheets - Any Business Process consists of data that are passed from one stage to another stage. Update Sheets task is used to update these data as the workflow progresses through a stage. For example, if a product is ordered and delivered, and Inventory Manager would need to update its inventory database and hence you can use the Update Sheets task to update the inventory database.
  • Notification Tasks - Many processes require to notify managers or desired users on the status of the request or process, in such cases, you need to use Notification Tasks which will send a notification to the intended user as soon as any previous task is completed.