Webhook Automation - Configure Action Inputs is Empty

Looks like the addPO Workflow you have selected doesn’t seems to be having any Input controls in your Screen where this workflow is added. That is the reason you aren’t getting any option listed in Action inputs. You can add the input fields and use it in your workflow and publish the app once and try again. It should start reflecting in the automations as well

Hope this Helps!


I have added a new Screeen to my project to test the automation.
Added new workflow

I could see the Input fields in the Automation which earlier I was not.

Tested the automation, which shows it working

But the Resultant sheet does not show any updates.

When I am checking the analytics
Automation analytics shows webhook fetched data but the workflow tab shows its still under progress.

when I am trying to check the workflow analytics, there isint any that have run.


The sheet in which the webhook gets triggred, the webhhok is working but the Workflow is not initiated.


I just created a new Webhook, was able to test it and also after making it live, calling the workflow is getting executed properly and showing up in analytics.

Sometimes the execution of workflow is delayed when there is some load during peak time. However, it will get executed at later instant. Can you check Workflow Analytics (New) again to see if the data is showing up now.
Also, make sure your Webhook toggle is ON after adding it and is shows as ON status in Automation listing.

Do let us know if you are still facing this issue?

Hope this Helps!