Want to send Email to Initiator Reporting Manager as well

Dear Team,

We required to send an email to the Reporting Manager of User who is filling the form as well. Reporting Manager should be fetched from the table.

Hi @kundan.jha

The way you would be able to achieve this is in 2 steps:

  1. In your users sheet you need to add a column for a reporting manager, or add the reporting manager if the column already exists.
  2. In your email block in workflow you can write a custom LOOKUP() query to fetch the user OR select “User related to the initiator” and you will see your column there as well.

You can also check our Youtube video here as well: https://youtu.be/dn-L4JPvX1k

Hope this helps.


How Can I put multiple people in CC, like Initiator Reporting Manager, Zonal Head, National Head, etc…

All such column is exist in user Database.

Hi @kundan.jha,

There are multiple ways for achieving the same. Since you require more than one column, most efficient way to achieve this using single lookup is by using a hidden controls from your Form screen.

You can add a DataStore control on the Page where there is Email Task used in your workflow, and bind below formula to it

LOOKUP([users.Manager,users.ReportingManager,users.ZonalHead,users.NationalHead] , users.UserEmail = USEREMAIL)

Where, users Sheet has these columns added.

Keep all other properties of DataStore as is, like default selected index as 1, as it will filter on 1 row of data.

Since, DataStore is not an input control it won’t appear in Workflow, so you need to add another control, Dropdown and make it hidden and change the Dropdown control Type Property to Multiselect as shown below

And apply the below formula to Options and Selected Options for this control.

MERGE(USEREMAIL, datastore.Manager, datastore.ReportingManager, datastore.ZonalHead, datastore.NationalHead)

Where, USEREMAIL is the logged In user i.e. INITIATOR and datastore is the unique name of the above Datastore control

Now you can use the reference of Above dropdown control in CC field of your Email task.

Hope this helps!

Dear Team,

I have followed the instruction , it is working as per expectation in one Screen with below configuration.

Control Type: master_dummy

Unique Name: datastore

Formulae: LOOKUP([users.UserEmail,users.Reporting_Manager_ID,users.StateHead_EmailID,users.ZonalHead_EmailID,users.NationalHead_EmailID],users.UserEmail = USEREMAIL)

Next :

Control Type: dhq_dropdown

Unique Name: ccinemail_offer

Formulae: MERGE(USEREMAIL, datastore.Reporting_Manager_ID, datastore.StateHead_EmailID, datastore.ZonalHead_EmailID, datastore.NationalHead_EmailID)


Now it is not working in another screen with below Configuration,

Control Type: master_dummy

Unique Name: datastore1

Formulae: LOOKUP([users.UserEmail,users.Reporting_Manager_ID,users.StateHead_EmailID,users.ZonalHead_EmailID,users.NationalHead_EmailID] , users.UserEmail = USEREMAIL)

Next :

Control Type: dhq_dropdown

Unique Name: ccinemail_residential

Formulae: MERGE(USEREMAIL, datastore1.Reporting_Manager_ID, datastore1.StateHead_EmailID, datastore1.ZonalHead_EmailID, datastore1.NationalHead_EmailID)

Similarly on another screen the same is not working. No Value is coming on the particular control, Only Lookup Bar is moving.

Request you to please suggest on this.

Hi @kundan.jha,

Can you confirm if the Property of master_dummy control on the screen 2 is as below, I presume this same configuration would be there in Screen 1 as well?


Also, you can try hitting the refresh icon in Preview (Clear cache just in case this is an issue only in preview) -

Hope this Helps!