Visually manage connectors

DronaHQ Studio provides you three types of connectors Custom API Connectors, Custom databases connectors, and Ready Third Party connectors.

The Custom DB Connectors are used to configure apps to connect to database systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, as well as NoSQL among others. You normally build these to enable you to manage the database operations using the custom DB connectors. At the same time, it is also possible to visually manage the connectors.

Under Custom DB Connectors goto your respective connector and click Data Resources.

You can see a list of collections/tables referenced by the connector. If you select any of the tables, note that you can see the operations including Add rows and Add columns.

This view allows you to basically manage the tables visually, wherein you can add new rows and new columns, and delete rows or columns as per your requirement. You can also add a new record, edit records, delete records from your tables.

You can limit the number of records on the page e.g. 10 rows, 25 rows, and so on. You also have the option to directly go to a page by simply entering the page number.

However, at times if you have read-only rights to the tables / collections, you would not be able to add or edit or delete data. You would only be able to view data.

It thus enables you to visually manage the connectors. It is important to remember that it does not have real-time syncing. Hence when the table is in use on multiple devices, any changes would be displayed only when you refresh the connector sheet.