Utility - View Document

This article is now deprecated as the View Document Feature is Deprecated.

You will have scenarios where you would need to view documents from a specific URL like say for example the terms and conditions, the PDF report fetched for a patient, or say a PDF file generated as a result of your successful online payment and so on. In these cases you would first want to view the Document. This is possible as an Action task using the View Document task.

You can provide the URL for the document using an input control or it could be generated on completion of tasks like online payments and then this value or URL can then be passed to the view document task as an input.

  • URL of the documents: Specify the URL of the documents to be displayed.

  • Calculate preview height automatically: Set this as True or False to specify whether to set the preview height automatically.

  • Frame Border: Allows you to enable or disable the Frame border.

  • Height with Unit: Allows you to specify the height.

  • Width with Unit: Allows you to specify the width with Unit.

So whenever you run the app or take a preview you can note the size as per the specified height and width.