Using Workflows

Workflows as we know are used to define and trigger a series of tasks or actions on submission of a form or by triggering it using the CALLWORKFLOW action under the Server-side actions as a part of the action flow. You can create a Workflow to trigger it on the click of a Workflow Button.

Adding a workflow

Let us now understand how to create a Workflow for a selected Screen:

  • Now under Studio, select Workflows. Select the Screen to which you want to add the Workflow.

  • Click + (add) to create the workflow. Add the workflow name and click Save.

    The Workflow gets added to the Screen. Now click the workflow to add tasks.

  • Now to add the different tasks that you want to carry out, select the workflow to open it. Here you can see the different types of tasks categorized as Manual Tasks, Logic Task, DronaHQ Services, Custom API connectors, Custom DB Connectors, and Third Party connectors.

Types of tasks

Following are the different types of tasks under the different categories.


Let us take an example here to add a task to update the sheet. Under DronaHQ Services click Update Sheet task and click Continue.

  • Enter the Task name (an easily identifiable one which can be referenced in another task, Task description (which is self-explanatory and one that appears in the notifications for the Input and Approval task. You can also specify the condition as to When to Execute the task. If you do not specify a condition it will be always executed. Further, you can specify the environment where the task should be executed (prod, dev, beta). Here you also have the option to specify iteration of the task for multi-record tasks. Enter the details and click Next.

  • In the example here we are adding the Update sheet task, so in this case, you need to add the sheet name, link the columns to the controls, and complete the Insert sheet or update sheet accordingly.

  • You can then add the different tasks within a workflow as per the logical flow of your app.

  • The series of tasks would be executed on the click of the Workflow Button or on Calling if from another App and values returned or notifications sent according to the tasks…

Edit Workflow

You can update the task name and description and also have a preview of the notifications that would be sent when certain tasks are initiated. Whenever an Input Task or Approval Task or Notification Task in a workflow is executed, the corresponding task name, workflow name, workflow description, and user’s name (who initiated the workflow task) are displayed in Workflow Status App (a special app to track the workflow’s activity). The preview of these messages can be seen in the Workflow Notification Preview section.

  • Here you can modify the Workflow name , add a description and for those screens that need multiple rows of data to be entered separately to the sheet, you can also enable the Submit records separately. Update the details and click Save Workflow.

  • Workflow Notification Preview: This section of the wizard displays how the status of each task in a workflow will be displayed in the Workflow Status App. The Status App has three tabs, Assigned, Initiated, and Messages.

    1. ASSIGNED: Whenever an Input Task or Approval Task is assigned to a user, the user will receive a notification about the task which will appear with the corresponding message (as shown in the box in the above image) under the Assigned tab in his/her Workflow Status App.

    2. INITIATED: Whenever a user triggers an Input or Approval Task, the user will receive a message about the task which will appear with the corresponding message (as shown in the box in the above image) under the Initiated tab in his/her Workflow Status App.

    3. MESSAGES: This tab will show the activities that occurred when the workflow executes.

You can also refer to the respective tasks types to understand how to use the Manual tasks, Logic tasks, the DronaHQ task, Custom connectors, and DB Connectors as per your scenario.