Using Value Picker Control

I’m kinda finding my way around Drona, hoping this question isn’t too complex!

Is it possible to use a value picker to adjust the value of a control? I have a number in a control (from a sheet) and I would like to use the value picker to adjust that number by percentage i.e. if the number in the control is 100, and I set the value picker to 50, I want the resulting number in the control to be 50.


@spike You can use the control’s reference in another control directly by assigning it unique name. If your purpose is to update value in the Sheet and not just another control, then you will have to create a workflow and using UpdateSheet task to update this value. Initiating this workflow could be either using Submit button or Action button (using CALLWORKFLOW function).

For More info refer - Update Sheet Task

Thanks - exactly what I needed!