Using the App Catalog

There are several apps that you create in the Studio platform. You can have multiple users who would need different apps. Some of the apps may be limited for specific departments like an expense approval and disbursal system for the accounts team, candidate records for the HR team, and so on. To enable such restricted usage of apps you can create Catalogs which can be assigned to different users and user groups. The apps can be created under these Catalogs by the respective teams.

Under Profile Settings you can find the App Catalogs feature that enables you to get detailed information about the different catalogs and the respective Apps and Folders within the Catalogs.

add app catalog

If you click App Catalogs you can see a simple dashboard that shows the different catalogs assigned to your account.

You can add a new catalog, reorder catalogs and edit the catalog details as well. The Master template is added to the catalog by default and any apps that you add to this catalog would be visible to all the users in your channel or account.

Add New Catalog

To add a new catalog, click Add New Catalog and add the Catalog Name and then Assign to groups and then click Save.

Reorder Catalog

You can rearrange your catalog using the Reorder Catalog option. From the list simply drag the catalog vertically to reorder them and click Save.

Catalog Dashboard

From the list of catalogs assigned to you, you can click to select one of the catalogs. You can see a dashboard with the details and statistics for the selected catalog, including the app and folder statistics. Here you can find the operations like re-order icons, create folder and view dashboard for Catalog Details, Catalog statistics and Apps and Folder.

  1. Re-order icons: You can reorder the app icons using this option. You simply need to drag and drop them in the order that you want to view them on screen. Re-order as you want and then click Save.

  2. Create folders: You can create folders within your catalog. Add a Folder name and Select Icon for the folder. You can also Assign apps to the folder and click Save. The folder is thus created under the catalog.

  3. Catalog details: Here you can see the catalog details including the name, the groups assigned to the catalog, and the Catalog admins.

  4. Catalog statistics: This includes the count of the Number of apps, number of folders, and Total user count who are using the catalog.

  5. Apps: This is a list of the apps and folders in the selected catalog. Under Apps, you can see the Folder that the app is assigned to, the version number in the environment, the activity on the last Accessed device, and the Status of the app as Live or Draft.

  6. Folders: Under Folder, you can see the folders from the catalog, and the number of apps under each folder.

    You can also edit the folder details, click Edit. You can edit the folder name, assign apps within the folder, edit the icon, and edit the visibility settings.

App catalog is a feature that enables you to manage your catalogs as well as its study the statistics for the different apps and folders.