Using Push notification

Now that you are aware of how a Notification task can be added to the workflow, we can also initiate or Push a notification through the Action flow events. The Push notification primarily works on the mobile App.

We have a Push notification task under the Server Side actions of the Action flows.

Let us see how to add a Push notification. So to one of your screen add an action button and go to Actions. On the Button Click event, add an Action flow.

Under Server Side Actions, select Push Notification task and click Continue.

  • Select the Microapp to be opened when the user clicks the notification received in the Super App. Enter the User List. This is the array of users. Make sure that you use an Array format for providing the list of users, even when you would be adding a single user id. These users will be those that are added to the Users Sheet.
  • Enter the Notification heading, Notification Title (a mandatory field), Notification body, Notification Icon URL and Notification Image URL and click Continue. You can also use Action flow keywords to provide values to the respective columns.
  • Now configure the action. You can specify a condition to When to Execute the particular action flow, Environment to Execute it, Action unique name (mandatory field), and also add any variables. These variables can then be used in your responses. Click Finish and the Push notification task is ready.

The Push notification task returns Error or Success. So you can define further tasks to be completed on error or success of the push notification task.

It is important to remember that you need to publish your app first before your notifications can be received by the respective users or group of users in the Super App. Also, it is important to note that the user who would be receiving the notification is logged in to the App so that notifications are received by the user. The iOS users also need to make sure that the Push notification permissions are enabled.

So now when you run this form and trigger the action on click of the Action button you would be able to see the notification in your status app.

The notification can be seen in the illustration below. When you click on any of the notifications, it will open the App specified. In the example here TestApp_Vedavati microapp would be opened when you click on the name of the Micro App. You can note the configuration done for the example.

So the notification received on click of the Push notification button is as seen below on the DHQ Life mobile app.