Using MERGEJSON function

Let us now understand how to use the MERGEJSON() function. For example, let us Merge the data from a table with a JSON column and display it in a table grid control.

Now using the MERGEJSON function we will merge the JSON column that has been fetched using the LOOKUP function.

MERGEJSON( LOOKUP([Prod_depend_Doc.json_array]))

Here you can see that all the rows from the JSON columns have been fetched. Sometimes the JSON type is not supported by the control. So it is a best practice that when using the MERGEJSON function you should be using functions like MAPKEYS to display data in the List controls accordingly.

MAPKEYS(MERGEJSON( LOOKUP([Prod_depend_Doc.json_array])), “FirstName, LastName”)

The purpose of these JSON functions is to extract values of the specified keys from the JSON. You can use the output of the MERGEJSON to functions like GETKEYVALUE(), MAPKEYS() to use them in any control.