Using Connectors hide a data key on Dropdown Control

Using Connectors, there is a really nice feature on the Table Grid, where you can bind data with multiple keys (i.e. ID, Name, Location), but you can hide certain columns to the user. This means the hidden key is still accessible as a Keyword, but not visible to the user.


Is it possible to achieve something similar for the Dropdown Control? We would like to use the ID on the backend, without showing it to the user on select (or at least have the Name as the main tag showing once selected, not the ID).

Any advice is appreciated!


Dropdown control returns single value in case of Single Select and Array of values in case of Multi-Select. But in both the cases, we get result from any 1 column which you have selected in your Property section.

Also, when we select any row, that selected value is displayed to the user. So, in case you want to hide ID field from the UI, but when you select it, the control shows the selected column value to the end user. So, there will be inconsistency when you select and display values.

Whereas for Table grid control, the control returns multiple Column values for same row selected, hence hide columns would make sense.

If above reason doesn’t help then you can share your use case, if you still feel, that there is a need to hide the column from end user.

Hope this Helps!