Using Apps Showcase - Templates

Under Studio Console > Apps you have the choice to create Apps from scratch or to create them from some ready templates. Let us now understand how to use the Showcase - Templates to create apps.

  • Under Studio Console > Apps, click Templates. All available templates are listed out.

    You can see the type of template specified on the card, either Mobile App - Responsive Web or Web app - Mobile Responsive.

    • When the App is designed as Mobile-first UI and responsive Web, the app opens in the Mobile view by default and will be web responsive.
    • When the Web app - Mobile responsive it opens as a Web app in Desktop mode and will be adjusted or be responsive to the mobile device resolution.
    • You can set the Default screen resolution by using the App Config > Styling > Default Screen Resolution and selecting the resolution accordingly.
  • To add an app, Select a template and click View App Demo. You can see the brief description of the application, skills required, and the major connectors used. This are quick guidelines that enable you to quickly start creating.

  • You can take a Live Demo of the app which would not create an actual app immediately but would quickly allow you to run through the app in general before you actually install the template.

  • Now if you are satisfied with the template, you can Install and use the template with Demo data.

When your app is installed, it would be opened in a new tab.

Your basic logical structure of the app is ready, you only need to add your customization with properties, bind data and add the necessary actions.

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