Using a calculated value in place of columnar data

I’m using the restful plugin to query data. This results in 3 columns being added to a table:


Instead of displaying created.timestamp, I’d like to display the number of days since today that the timestamp occurred.


I thought that I might accomplish this through a custom formula, but when I edit it, to display days according to the pattern above, I’m not getting the days to display in the grid. I feel as if I’m missing something fundamental about drona’s design pattern for this.

These are the fields coming from my data source:

This is the custom formula I created. You can see the date().diff. I’m getting the response: Some Issue in formula.

I guess I have a few questions:

  1. Is there a better place to target data transformations fore presentation in the grid?
  2. Is custom formula the correct place to attempt to do this?
  3. Can I use standard js in custom formulas?


Custom Formula supports Excel like methods - All Formula List and Custom Functions List

However, in BINDAPI we do not support additional function within it. Insstead we have an option to transform your Connector response by writing your custom javascript to incorporate additional keys that can be used for Binding it in table grid ocntrol.

For more info, check this link - Transform Response in Connectors

Hope this Helps!