Users Overview

DronaHQ Studio is a no-code platform with a range of features available for creating apps, sheets, and automation. The platform has authentication and authorization provided for different users and user groups. The users can be added by Admin. The Users feature is available under the Studio console. This sheet is available by default and helps you to undertake activities like setting the Status of the user adding users and so on.

A User sheet has the following columns by default: UserEmail, Username, Admin and Status. You can also add other columns as you feel necessary like say user’s manager, band, department, location, and so on.

To add new columns simply click +Column and add column name and column type.

There are other features like Sorting (by column/s), Filter (based on criteria), assign color based on condition or in other words conditional formatting, group by specified column, assign row height.

Managing users is an important function of user settings. Here you can add users, add groups, and also undertake bulk actions. You can see the add users, add groups, and Manage Admin buttons at the top right-hand corner of the screens.

If you click Edit against any user you can add or remove groups to the users, and activate and deactivate accounts.

edit user details

+Manage users

Under Manage users you can see a dashboard which provides the details for the Users, groups, and Bulk Actions.

  • The Users dashboard displays all the User details, the groups the user is a part of, the role type, time spent, and the last active session time. If you are an Admin user, you can also edit the details. You can add filters as well based on user type, status, group, and so on.

  • The Groups dashboard displays a list of groups in the account. You can also view the details for the catalog like the number of users of the Catalog.

  • The Bulk Actions includes the different actions like adding users, activating or deactivating users and so on that can be completed using a bulk upload. You can make use of the file format to create bulk upload files for different actions. Click Download Format for the specific actions. The following actions are possible: Users addition, users addition with pre-set passwords & auto-activation, user activation, user deactivation, and managing user groups.

Add groups

To add a new group, click Add Groups. Enter the Group name and click Save. You can also add multiple groups or initiate bulk addition using this Add groups.

add groups

Add users

To add a new user, click Add Users. Here you can see two options to add users, Send Invites and Auto Activate.

Send invites: This option allows you to send invite to a user and when the user accepts the invite sent to the email id, then the new user account is activated.

add user

Auto Activate: This option allows you to add the user by activating the email from here. Enter the full name, email id and set the password for the user. The new user is thus added and account activated when you save the user.

add user 1

Once you have added the user can assign the group/s to the user and even add multiple users using the Click for Bulk Addition and click Save.

Manage Admin

To manage the users, add admin users, and assign different access rights click Manage Admin. To know more you can visit this link here.

The Users settings are thus very useful for managing user and user groups.