User Dashboard and User sheet not in sync


I recently updated user groups from the user dash board ( click edit for eahc user, manually put text for group)

But when I am checking the user file for to reconfirm I dont see the changes.

@yash1, I noticed the same thing. There seems to be a lag or the server is slow.

I believe there is a bug on it already.
It is a geniune issue.
And it will be corrected in the next release.
This info was shared by one of the developers.
I have created a separate sheet with all user attributes and now I am not dependent on user sheet directly.
Hope this helps.

A change in record in user sheets will be immediately be recorded in the sheets. Sheets are now updated a month back and they are becoming stable. So you may not face this issue anymore.

Hope this helps.

Good day,
I am having issue now where users sheet is completely empty, it does not show any users. Also buttons to add etc is not working at all.


Are you still facing this issue? Could be an intermittent network issue