Text wrap in a tablegrid?


Is it possible to have text wrapping in the cells of a tablegrid?

Hi @mbrodeur ,

You can wrap text of a TextArea type column of a Table Grid. For that, you can use Format Data to convert the column type (if required) and Table Grid’s Row Size property along with Max Column Width property.

Here is a sample for your reference. I have used a table grid control and

  • toggled on its Row Size property

  • changed the Max Column Width as per my requirements

  • lastly, changed the respective column’s type to TextArea (for non TextArea type columns)

Now, in the preview or live app, you will find an additional button for row size (S or small selected by default). Users can change the row size to Small (S). Medium (M) & Large (S) as per your requirements. Changing the row size to Medium or Large (as per the column width & data size) will wrap the text automatically.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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