Tablegrid to have cursor based pagination support

Some connectors who have paging support returns offset for the next page content instead of numeric pagination which relational databases support. with the cursor based pagination we can go through the various pages content based on previous page offset value.

Use Case - Airtable returns max 200 rows in a Find Rows api along with offset for next page if number of records are more than 200 pages. so with the help of this feature we can navigate to various pages of Airtable base’s table.

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This is awesome.
I am currently trying the same. Connect with airtable and get to the next set of records.

  1. Airtable returns only 100 records at one time.
  2. What is the process of getting the offset and passing it as a request to get next set of records.
    Has this been auto implimented or as a user we need to configure getting the offset and passing in the next get request


We have considered this feature into implementation. Will be soon taking this up for implementation. There will be a configuration required to be done from end user - similar to how we currently configure tablegrid for Number/Limit based pagination

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This is really cool.
I have been able to get the pagination work. Had to create a new custom api request with dynamic parameters for the offset. and it works!

But having it by default within table grid would be awesome!

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This feature has been implemented. You can now enable Cursor based pagination in your connector and can be used by table grid control which now additionally supports Cursor based Server-side pagination option.

For More Info - Refer this article