Table Grid - Individual Column Sizing

It would be great to be able to assign a min and max width that is specific to a given column.

My use case is…

  • A column with a title that takes say 40px, and is always a Numeric between 0 and 100 and takes say 20px
  • A different column with a title that takes say 60px, is of editable Single Tag type, and all of the visible values for that column only take up 60px, but there is an option that takes up 100px.

If try to edit the Single Tag column, then the 100px option gets cut off (both when selecting from the dropdown, and if its selected and replaces the old value in the row). If I set the min column width to 100px, then the Numeric column is taking up unneeded space. It would be great to set the Numeric to max 40px and the Single Tag to max 100px.

Extra: In the second image, the dropdown gets cut off by the end of the table, even though there is space below, how can I get that dropdown to appear at the very front?

Hello @sean.garvey,

We genuinely appreciate your input, and we want you to know that we will carefully consider it. Our team will engage in internal brainstorming sessions to explore the feasibility and potential of implementing your idea.

Rest assured, we will keep you informed about any updates or progress regarding this feature in the future.

Studio Team

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