Table Grid Control - Quick View

Would it be possible to have a default setting for the quick view option in Table Grid, so that an option is already selected when a user opens that page?

Pardon me - I mean Quick Filter in Table Grid

Hi @neil ,

Have you tried the Quick Filter property of the Table Grid control? This property provides an option of quick filters at the top of the table. The user can quickly select or deselect the respective options as desired with a single click.

Quick Filter: Allows you to add a quick filter for the selected column(s). Once you toggle on the Quick filter option, you need to select the column here based on which the filter is to be applied.

Info : Please make sure the column you select is of Single Tag/Multiple Tag type. You can set this in column formatting.

Here are 2 sample snapshots for your reference.

Or as an alternative, you can use another control say keywords or dropdown, etc, to apply some default filters and fetch the data in the table grid accordingly.

I hope this will help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, I understand the Quick Filter.
Can Quick Filter have a default, please. For instance, in your example, could “Approved” be selected by default on page open, then the users could change to a different filter as they wish.

Hi @neil ,

For the default Filter, you would have to create a custom filter. You can use other controls like Keyword Box, Dropdown, or Select Bar, etc. to create default filters as required, and can then fetch the data in the respective table grid based on those filters.

For Instance, in the above example, I want to pre-filter data as Status = Approved. For that, you can use, say Select Bar control, with the Approved option autoselected. Now while fetching data into a table grid, you can add a “status $in selectbar” filter to fetch the filtered results only.

Since, in this case, Select Bar will be a multi-select, we will be using the $in operator to fetch all matching results. Equals to (=) operator will match only 1 specific value like status = “Approved”. Similar to databases, $in will give results where status in [“Approved”,“Rejected”,“Awaiting Approval”]

Now the user can select other options (say Awaiting Approval & Rejected) in the Select Bar control to fetch the entire dataset.

I hope this will help in achieving the desired use case. :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea, Prerna. I’ll give it a try.