Summary Control - Hiding the fields which are not selected or empty

I am using the summary control, and I am trying to figure out if there’s a way that I can hide the fields which are blank or not selected by the user, rather than keeping them empty.


I am not sure what you mean by fields. There is a simple logic to get to know if a control is empty or not.
Use ISEMPTY() name of the control inside. It will return TRUE if it is empty. And False otherwise.

Assign the output of this function to a toggle control.

You can set a rule, show and and hide control depending on true or false value of that toggle.


Yes, I know about that logic.

I’ll explain my question with an example. So, I have a form of single-select and multi-select and some questions can be skipped. So, if I use summary control, the questions which are skipped by the user - will be seen blank in the summary.

So, I was trying to figure out if we can hide those blank questions in the summary control, which are not answered by the user.

Hi @ambar

Summary control will show up all the controls that can be submitted. However, there is Submit Data property for individual control which has either Always, Never or Not when hidden option. So using this property you can achieve the same.


If you can set your single-select/multi-select control to hide based on certain rules then you can set its property to “Not when hidden”. So it will not show up in summary. control if that control is hidden.

However, if this doesn’t fit your use case then, before Navigating to Summary screen using actions, I suggest you add Conditional branch where you can write a Condition like - multiselectcontrolname = “” in one of the branch leg and in that case hide your multiselectcontrolname. Now in this branch leg you hide your multiselectcontrolname. Also, set its Submit Data property as Not when hidden.

Hope this helps!

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