Summarizing form repeat entries in a tabular form on a different screen

Hello, I have this form repeat control on one screen and I want to make a summary of the form repeat entries in a different screen in a table format. What is the best way to summarize the form repeat entries into ta table ?

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Hi @cdizon1 ,

You can use Summary control on the desired screen. In the property of the summary control, please choose the screen which has form repeat entries. This will show the form repeat entries in a tabular format on the summary control.

Hope this helps.

We wanted to make a Pivot table like report, ie one Line that summrizes previous lines, eg SUM of alll ,

We wrote custom Javascript code to add an extra line that SUMs it. And modified the JSON to be displayed on table grid.


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Hi Chirag @chirag1 , when I do this, it does not result in a tabular format, it shows as repeating list of the items in the form repeat

Hi @cdizon1 ,

I assume the Form Repeat control that you are using is a “dhq_form_json” type control

Typically, when you use a summary control and assign a page containing Form Repeat (dhq_form_json) as shown below,

The summary control displays Form Repeat data like this -

Do let me know if this helps.

I will try this, I wanted to only get the summary of the form repeat from the specific page and not all of the other entries but I will give this a try thanks