Suggestion : Add ability to give unique names


If you are providing the ability to enter Unique names of control by the designer itself, it will be more user friendly.

If we are having 6-8 pages and all pages contining the text with same captions like Quantiy, rate,Amount unique names are created like Quantity1,Quantity2, Quantity3… etc. and will be difficult for the user when selecting the field from the formula window. These captions which are using now for the creation of unique names can not be changed also for each pages. In each formula window we have to check whether we have to take quantity1 or 2 or 3 …





Thanks for your suggestions. We will also be adding an ability to get the controls by drilling into screens soon.

Hope that will help.

Ok. Thank you. It will help a lot when writing calculations in formula window


Any news about this request?
I have the same issue.