Sheets vs MySQL/SQL performance?

Assuming an application had hundreds of thousands of rows of data, would it be better to store this in Sheets with DronaHQ or MySQL (or SQL)? I would want to avoid having to move massive amounts of data over to the other type of datastore later on so knowing this up-front would be valuable.

Essentially does Sheets scale well and offer an advantage of being closer to the app layer or should I stick with a known platform that does (SQL)?



If you have an ever growing database going into millions of rows than its best to connect your own database as you will have flexibility to index your database based on the query you need and optimize it.

If you have nominal database entries and it doesn’t need purging/optmization based on the data size, you can use Sheets database/in-built database

Hope this Helps!

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Thanks! Is there a published list of IP addresses that I can whitelist on our end to allow the DronaHQ platform to access? We block by default and restrict by IP.


I have sent an email. Do check.