Sharing of Microapp

The very important step after building a microapp is to share it with other users because your app is not valuable until it is shared and used by other people. The Share feature in the Studio is very useful to distribute your micro app to different users and even to different platforms.

You can see the option of Share right above the overview screen.

Once you click on the Share button you will be given various sections with different functionalities, such as:

  1. Add Users
  2. Public Link
  3. End User Portal

Before we move ahead, we have to understand that the sharing of the app is mainly divided into two different aspects of access.

  1. Organizational Access
  2. Public Access

Let’s understand both of them along with their steps and features.

Organizational Access

The organizational access of the app gives you the ability to share it with the people of the whole organization. You can provide access to a user of a specific organization along with functionality roles provided that you are the creator or admin of the account with the app. The organizational access to an app provides its visibility extended to any organization with specific roles/abilities to perform tasks with the created app.

Add users

Under organizational access for the app, the very straightforward step is to add users. Adding users is a very simple way to provide access to different users from certain organizations. You can add, remove, manage roles, and more via Manage Users. To understand more about the users’ lists and hierarchy refer to here.

To add a new user to access your app, provide the name, email, and user role (administrator, creator, and end-user), then click Add. You can read more about user roles here.

If the Organizational access toggle is set to ON then the app will be accessed by the whole organization also.

All micro apps created in DronaHQ by default are available under a single app. Users need to log in with their credentials to have access to these apps.

NOTE: Only account owner or administrator role user will have access to add or invite the required users.

End user portal

Once you have published the app you can view your app on different platforms. You can view your apps as an end-user on the web app, iOS, Android, and chrome extension. You just have to log in with your credentials and open the app.

DronaHQ Chrome extension:

Public Access

Public access to an app enables it to be available and used by any user. With public access provided the app is not restricted to any organization or group. Users can open or test the app from anywhere provided the location or link to the app, irrelevant of whether they are from any organization or just individuals.

Public link

To provide public access we have the simplest way to share your app by using public link. This doesn’t require adding users or anything, you just simply have to share the link of your app, just make sure that your app is published and the public access toggle is ON. If you enable public access, anyone with this link will be able to use this link.

Share and Embed

Under Public Link you can configure the Embed Configuration. This allows you to configure the different options to share or embed your app publicly by Sharing the URL and QR Code or Embedding using options like IFrame, JavaScript, Code generator, or embed settings.

You can read more about it here.

Secure Embed

While embedding you also have an option to embed with secure user credentials in your application with user login. Embedding user credentials in your public link of the published app helps in making the link secure and only accessed by the authorized user, along with this it also helps in making the public link dynamic to distinctive users allowing it to have a broad range of authorized users.

To know more you can refer here.

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