Setup Custom Domain

Like you publish your domain, you can also publish your app to a Custom Domain like say with, Google Domain, Dreamhost, and so on.

Setting up the custom domain

Now you can publish your app to a custom domain that you own by using the Account Settings > General settings.

To set up the custom domain to route it to your app, click Setup Custom Domain.

Add custom Domain

To add the custom domain under Set Domain, enter the Domain Name and click Continue. So in this example here we will be using the domain.

Update DNS

The next important step is the Domain SSL Verification. Here you would be updating the domain’s DNS settings. Each DNS host has its own method to update DNS settings. Commonly, you need to add A records and a CNAME record for your domain to work.

certifcate status

When you are adding a CNAME record, set the host to ‘www’. Copy the value for the CNAME record from your app’s VALUE Field under Certificate status. You would have to refer to the documentation of the DNS host to check the process for “Adding a CNAME record.” For example, for the domain, the process is as explained here at this link.

You need to enter the CNAME record for configuration. The CNAME is dependent upon the DNS service provider. Now till the time, your certificate has verified the status of the certificate will be “PENDING_VALIDATION”. Once the certificate is verified the status is changed to ISSUED.

To your domain settings page, add and A record and set the Host to @ and the respective Value

TTL here determines for how long the server should cache information.

It is important to note that the DNS settings are updated through the DNS service provider’s Control Panel and can take up to 48 hours to take effect.

Verify Domain

To verify that the DNS settings are correctly pointing to your App, it is necessary to check the status of domain verification in the DNS Settings. Only after the Certificate Status is updated as Issued, you can verify the domain. Here you would be able to see the GENERATED DOMAIN NAME which is the temporary domain name to which all your traffic would be redirected.

It is important to note that the DNS settings are updated through the DNS service provider’s Control Panel and can take up to 48 hours to take effect.

Domain Status

The domain status can be Pending, In Process, or Deployed. If there are any issues in the configuration the status would be Pending, in case the verification/ validation is underway then the status would be In Process, and only when the configuration process to set up your custom domain is completed would the status be Deployed.

The web login for your users will be available at this custom domain, also all public micro-apps will be available on this custom domain URL. The page title, description, and other customizations would be the same for the custom domain. So by connecting a custom domain, you can access your web app on the specified domain name instead of using the For example in the example here on the domain name used here “”.

Note: In case you feel the need to change your domain midway, you need to contact Support team.