Settings - Security

Once you login to Studio using your organizational authentication you can see a default home page. Here you can find the Settings that enable you to make changes to the general settings, security settings, and so on.

You can customize your Studio platform using these settings. It is important to set the security settings for devices, screenshots, APIs and Console restrictions.

Device security

The device-level security settings includes device-level security.

  • Allow Rooted and Jailbroken devices: You can enable or disable rooted and jailbroken devices for use.

  • Login session expiry (in Days): Provide the number of days when the login session expires.

  • Enforce passcode policy: Allows you to enable or disable passcode policy. This feature is available for version 7.15 and above.

  • Passcode Timeout Interval (in Minutes): Provide the passcode time out interval in minutes.

  • Enable biometrics: Enable or disable biometrics like fingerprint or Iris recognition features on your devices.

  • Characteristics allowed: Provide the characteristics allowed for biometrics like fingerprint recognition, Face ID, Iris recognition and so on.

Screenshot restrictions

It is important to secure or restrict screenshots on android systems. These restrictions are typically necessary to ensure security when accessing applications on android devices. Enabling or disabling logging is also a part of these settings.

  • Allow screenshot (Android): The screenshot restriction feature can be applied for the Android devices so that data can be secured on the devices.
  • Enable logging: This allows you to enable or disable screenshot logging. The feature is available for both Android and iOS Devices.
  • Capture screenshot: This allows you to enable or disable capturing screenshots which can also be view by the Admin in the console.

Api access restrictions

  • Whitelist IP: You can ensure security by maintaining API access restrictions, you can use these settings to Whitelist IP addresses to access your domains.

Console restrictions

  • Limited IP Access: Here you can toggle on or off settings for Limited IP access.

The security settings are vital to ensure your applications are secure on any of your devices.