Settings - Integrations

Once you logon to Studio using your organizational authentication you can see a default home page. Here you can find the Settings that enable you to make changes to the general settings, security settings, and so on.

You can customize your Studio platform using these settings. Let us have a quick look at the different settings needed for Integration with different APIs of third-party services.

  • API Key(account token) : Api Key is the Key generated for your Account that can be used to connect your account in Zapier. You can copy this API key and add it to the respective service settings. You can also generate a new one if you want to change it over a period of time.

  • Connect to Zapier: Is the link to integrate DronaHQ Studio with Zapier. This link takes you to the Zapier which contains the invite to use the DronaHQ apps with the other third party services.