Settings - General

DronaHQ Studio is a no-code platform that offers different functionalities like developing and designing Microapps, building sheets, creating automations to simplify repetitive processes, and so on.

Once you log on to Studio using your organizational authentication you can see a default Home page. Here you can find the Account Settings that enable you to make changes to the general settings, security settings, and so on.

You can customize your Studio platform using these settings. The General settings include the home screen customization, user restrictions, time zone, and privacy and support details. You can make the necessary changes and Save them.

General Settings

The General Settings are basically the overall customization to set the custom home screen, app icon, user restrictions, and so on. You can also further customize based on your branding by adding a custom subdomain, page title, page description, and so on.

Custom Domain

Now you can customize the web app link to include your preferred custom domain.

These settings have now been introduced under Settings > General Setting. Here you will have a Custom Domain section.

To understand how to set up a custom domain refer to this article here.

All the microapps would then be available on this custom domain.

Keep DronaHQ Branding

This enables you to switch OFF or ON the DronaHQ branding on the public and the embedded links of your customized domain.

Page Title

This is the page title on the web login page of the customized domain.

Page Description

This would be the general or brief description of your app.


With this, you can set the Favicon for the web login page of your customized domain. It is recommended that you should upload a 32*32 pixel image file of type PNG, GIF, JPG, or ICO to be displayed in the browser tab.

Background Color

This would be the background color for the login page on the web login of the customized domain that you use.


Set custom home screen

You can toggle on or off to set whether you want to keep a custom home screen. When you toggle on then you get the option to Select custom home App. Select from your available apps and it is then set as the home screen.

Workflow app

You can set whether the Workflow app or the status app should be displayed or not.

User restrictions

  • Per user device limit: You can set the limit to the per-user device use.
  • Display user profile: Set whether the user profile would be displayed or not.

Time Zone

Here you can choose the Time Zone to be used which would then be the guiding principle for the scheduling activities that you define for your respective apps.

Privacy and support

When you are building and sharing apps, it is important to provide your customers or users with the necessary support. This option allows you to provide the Support email address and the Support desk URL as well as the URL to the privacy terms and conditions page.