Settings - Admin

This article is now deprecated.

For more information about how to manage users refer to this article here

Once you log on to Studio using your organizational authentication you can see a default home page. Here you can find the Settings that enable you to make changes to the general settings, security settings, admin settings and so on.

You can customize your Studio platform using these settings. If you are an Admin level user the Admin settings would be used to define the access level for different users and to the different catalogs. You can also add other admin users using Add Admin.

The typical settings are providing the access to the user depending upon the type of user and the group. Click Edit to provide access to different Apps, sheets, Analytics, and so on. In the illustration below note that access can be granted or revoked to the following categories depending upon the user type and the access needs:

Creator: Access granted or revoked to apps, sheets, automations, pdf creator, connectors.
Developer / Designer: Access will be granted or revoked to Functions editor, Control Editor, Control Designer.
Analytics: Access can be granted or revoked to Workflow Analytics, App Analytics, Automation analytics.
Admin: Access can be granted or revoked to Users, App Catalogs, General settings, Branding settings, Security settings, Admin settings, Integrations settings, Billing settings, usage settings.

Admin settings can thus be used to provide specific access to the different features of Studio.