Server side actions - Logic block

You are aware of the On-screen actions that are a part of the Action flow. Studio has a range of different action blocks that take place on the server-side like updating sheets, calling a workflow, generating PDF, and undertaking different computations using the values fetched from the sheets and API connectors. These are the Server Side Actions under your Action Flow.

You might have to use the data from the sheets in scenarios like getting the total amount of sales or fetching only those rows that satisfy a certain condition and so on. So here you have some logical actions happening where you want to fetch customized data using functions including AND/ OR/ LOOKUP/ DLOOKUP.

serrver side acction logic block

Get Data from Sheets

  • To get data from sheets, under the Server-side actions > Logic block, click Get Data from Sheets and click Continue .

  • Add the variables under the Add Formula Variables. Enter a variable name and enter your formula. You can use the And / OR/ LOOKUP/ DLOOKUP functions to fetch your desired data.
    Add the variables as required. Now, these variables can be used in other action flow tasks like the on-screen actions as “taskname.variable”.

    logic block add variable

In this example we are fetching data from the sheet using the LOOKUP and then using it in another action task using the variable name.

The variable in the above example can then be used as