September'22 DronaHQ Update

New Features

Digest Authentication

The Studio now has the DIGEST AUTHENTICATION feature for authentication which is quite similar to Basic Auth based on username and password. We use Digest Auth mainly in the scenario where our API relies on the HTTP “Digest” Authentication standard. It is one of the standard methods utilized by an Internet server to verify the credentials of a client.

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Concurrent App Access

We have a feature in the Studio that allows only a single user to edit a microapp that is shared or accessed by multiple users at the same time. This feature enables different users from their respective logins to access a single app in the builder view, on a common channel, that again without facing any overwrite or saving issue.

Studio prevents overwriting issues on apps with concurrent access to the app smoothly by providing a pop-up of CONCURRENT ACCESS.

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Multistep authentication

The MULTISTEP AUTHENTICATION is now full of enhancements enabling you to use more diverse authentication methods, and refresh flows, and also with the support of forwarding cookies as well as double cookies.

Check out our article to know more, right here also can check out various use cases of Multistep Authentication from here.

Adding Data variables

This new enhancement of variables in the Studio enables you to add Data and Custom JavaScript data as variables. You can now use these variables and bind them to controls or use them for creating rules and formulas. Data as a variable feature can be used to create variables that are of type persistent and non-persistent in nature.

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Advance Dropdown control

Studio has now an upgraded version of ADVANCE DROPDOWN control which is very similar to dropdown control but with additional extensive properties like image support, color property, return value selection, and more.

The Advanced Dropdown control helps users to view much more details in the dropdown itself. You can view different columns of the data along with different colors as well as images with respect to each column.

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New Control

Collapsible Menu control

We now have a new control helping us to showcase the menu sidebar with a collapsible style containing various menu icons and sub-menus. The studio has dedicated control of the COLLAPSIBLE MENU to provide an attractive and sleek menu with a collapsible feature.

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