September’23 - DronaHQ Updates

New Feature

DronaHQ Query Language (DQL)

We’ve added a powerful option called DQL for binding and manipulating data in data queries and an efficient query and transformation tool for JSON data. You can find it in the transform section of the connector library and connector query, there is also a DQL type of Data query that you can add. Dive into the details in this article.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

We’ve introduced a new feature in the embed config modal, allowing users to make any public link application installable as a Progressive Web App. Just configure the properties, and opening the public link will prompt you to install the app. This feature is available to make your installations on desktop and mobile apps.

Warning: App Overload

If your app surpasses DronaHQ’s recommended size, we’ll issue warnings in three levels:

  • Note (8MB): Expect a slower experience.

  • Warning (10MB): Performance may be impacted.

  • Caution (12MB): Significant decrease in user experience.


Studio Permission

Our permission model just got a modern makeover. We’ve shifted from complex priority structures to a more straightforward system. Plus, we’ve introduced new permission options, including “All Creator Permission” and “Default Permission.” Want to know more? Check out this article.

Tablegrid Control

  • Welcome “Row Background Colors,” a new property that lets you set background color to even and odd rows. Learn more here.

  • Added a color scale option to column formatting for the table grid, making data visualization a breeze.

  • Custom actions now offer the flexibility to hide or disable buttons based on specific conditions.

  • We’ve introduced a new event, refresh_click, triggered when clicking the refresh button. If your control data is bound using data query, it’ll automatically reevaluate the formula, saving you time.

Date Range -Control

  • For those using the date range picker control, you can now set “min date” and “max date” dynamically using the {{}} syntax in properties (available on staging).

Container Control

  • The container control is now scrollable on the builder, making it easier to add new controls without resizing (also on staging).

Rest API Connector

New enhancements for our Rest API connector:

  1. Self-Signed Certificate Toggle: Enable the self-signed certificate option in the ADMIN section of your connector for enhanced security.

  2. Verification Modes:

    • Full Verification: Ideal for two-way SSL or mTLS. Requires a CA Certificate, Client Key, and Client Certificate.
    • Verification Options: Choose to verify the CA Certificate or skip CA Certificate verification at the client-side.

These enhancements empower you to strengthen your connector’s security and ensure secure communication. Explore these options to take advantage of the latest features in your Rest API connector.

DronaHQ Docs have found a new place!

We have updated and moved our documentation to
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