Self-Hosted – Health Status

The Self-Hosted version has a very unique service to check its system health by accessing the health status of the Self-Hosted system. The Health Status provides you with the overall status of all the services of your running Self-Hosted system. This is useful to crosscheck problems faced while activating or using Self-Hosted version.

Accessing Health Status

Health Status visibility is available to every Self-Hosted user. Users can view the system health of the Self-Hosted from various access points.

Activation Page

Login Page

Home Page

Health Status – features

This Self-Hosted service comes with various features and supports for the system checkup.

  • You can check at the top for the statuses of the services being used in the Self-Hosted system categorized under three categories:

    • Operational – The well- working services.
    • Warning - The services which requires peripheral attention.
    • Critical – The services which requires immediate fixes.
  • In case any action is required for a service, you will be provided with info icon over that particular service with text hints to resolve the problem.

  • For dedicated support, the heath-status window provides document links from our community with respect to the services present on your Self-Hosted system.