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i taken one variable with array of ids form the object and sending to the select tag using bind data. Now i when i select select tag i can see the ids, but to ids i want to add names of that respective ids. but when i select it should token only id from that option. Ex: if select some id with name -->> ‘esrdcu83874(dronahq)’ from this only ‘iesrdcu83874’ takes to the given next action insteadof ‘esrdcu83874(dronahq)’.

Hi @bhanuprasad.ippili99 ,

I understand your use-case is that you want to make a selection among ids but we should receive a different value (than the selection made) in the output, corresponding to each selection possible. In such a case, I believe Dropdown is the control that you must be using.

Please drop a Dropdown control on the screen and follow the steps below to achieve your use-case. (Attached the screenshots also to refer)

Step 1 : Create a data query that should have the data in the form of an array of JSON, which would look like this.
[ { "id": "esrdcu83874(dronahq)", "id_value": "esrdcu83874" },
{ "id": "abcde1234(dronahq)", "id_value": "abcde1234" },
{ "id": "dummy_id(dronahq)", "id_value": "dummy_id_value" } ]

(NOTE: It might be needed to transform your data in the desired format to use here in the Dropdown control)

Step 2 : Bind this data query in the data section of the Dropdown control and save it.

Step 3 : Go to the properties of this Dropdown control and select the Display Column (whose value you want to display on the UI) and Value Column (whose value will be received as an output of this Dropdown control)

Here, I have taken Column 1 as Display Column (as I want ids to be shown in the UI to the users) and Column 2 as Value Column (I want this column values as the output).

Now when I make a selection in this Dropdown, I will see the Column 1 values selected on the screen but will receive Column 2 value as output from it. To showcase here, I am taking the output of the Dropdown control in a Text Input control beside it.

Thus, we can make the output value in a Dropdown control different from the selected value by binding an array of JSON to its data-section.

I hope this helps. Thanks.

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