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Dear Team,

I am Stuck on One scenario where: -

if condition one is TRUE then it redirects to one page where user has to enter certain data similarly for condition Five & Condition 7 as well, but How Can I can again redirect users to the respective branch for further actions?

In my App scenario, Like user has to enter Key Receiving details from in three different scenarios, I want after submitting of data user should redirect to their respective/parent condition where we need to redirect them for another action.

I have achieved it by creating further branches on the new landing page.

Hi @kundan.jha I am glad you were able to figure it out.

Just FYI, you can write your action flow on screen_open event by setting up a variable on the submit action button as well as use the same submit action button to write multiple branches. It depends on how many entry points your user will have to the same page. If there are multiple entry points it makes more sense to write it on the screen_open event and looking up variables.