Required Images should paste directly instead of Image URL

Dear Team,

We want to put bidder selfie & Signature directly on my Form instead of URL, please guide how we can achieve this.

Try using an image control and bind the url. It will show the image instead of URL.

How In case of Selfie & Signature?

You will need 2 image controls to bind the selfie and signature.

Can you pl showcase it how we can achieve it? I tried my side but not able to understand. Once we choose Image Control, user is not able to upload Photos.

HI Kundan,

Assuming that you’re making this form inside the app itself.

If your image is uploaded on sheet, you can simply use image control (as shown below) to bind the value, remember that the image control only accepts a single value, So you’ll be needed to use a separate control for signature.


This should sow you the image. You can do the exact same with user signature.

Hope this helps,

Hi Mohit,

I tried my level but still not achieved.

Here what I am doing.

  1. Asked user to enter Signature from Signature control, unique value: signaturepad
  2. new Image Control used to preview Signature with unique value: printsignature.

In Email workflow I am unable to bind printsignature value, system is not taking in any way.

I have create a demo app on, please check.