Required 30 Images to send

Dear Team,

I required to send 30 images to send in an email, size of each image may vary from 1 MB to 3MB depends upon the user’s mobile handset. SO total size maybe 30-100 MB, Instead of sending images in attachment can we send all Images to link through FTP or through any alternative medium? or in email can we send FTP/HTTP link only so that end users can download it?

  1. I need to send approx 50 fields in email can we send this in excel attachment?

You can achieve this in 2 ways:

  1. Using the inbuilt Email task in workflows. You can use the plaintext option and use {{variablename}} to define a variable and assign the fileupload field to it. This will send the links to the user in the email.
  2. You can use any 3rd party connection like Sendgrid or register a custom api to send it via different mediums.

hope this helps.

Thanks, Can you also help on Point number 2?

You can send those fields in the email task. There is no excel creation task as of yet, though you can bind an API which gives that functionality.