Requestor edit during the approval task workflow


We have a use case where we have around 4 approval persons that need to approve an expense disbursement request and we would like to allow requestor to edit the information he submitted during the process but that means, the steps have to be repeated again starting from Approval person 1.

E.g. Requestor submits a request → Sent to Approval Person 1 for approval → Approved → Sent to Approval Person 2 for approval → Requestor edit something → Sent back to Approval Person 1 again for approval with new information → so on

Current approval task does not allow that. Even if we allow editing to the sheet where the information is stored, it doesn’t update what is shown on the approval task queue.

How can we make it work?

Also, if the requestor cancels the request in the middle of the process, while waiting for approval, we would like to show the approval person that this request has been cancelled and remove from their task queue. Would that be possible?