Radio Button Horizontal view


Suggestion- It will be better if it is providing the horizotal view of Radio Button s

Is there any option for showing the same ?

Now the situation is that it is taking that much space as it is showing vertically and if we are providing 2 or 3 radio button sets in a screen for selection of various options, the entire screen will be filled in mobile view and we will have to scroll down for entering into the rest of the controls


You can use the selectbar control for horizontal view.


But selectbar can not be used in place of a radiobutton control list. In a radiobutton ,with list of only two options in radio buttons , it is taking 3 lines one for caption 1 line for each options. If we have 2-3 continuous radiobutton listt of controls, screen will be full in mobile view and have to scroll to see the next controls.

If we have 3 radio buttons list continuosly and placing the select bar continuously in 3 rows, not looks good

Hope the problem is clear to you


I think you should explore selectbar properties on the right. You have scrollable as well as wrap options including width settings.

Radio buttons in horizontal view dont look good and its not a right UX practice to use it horizontally.