Quick Guide on Building your Apps in Studio

Below is the list of activities that are generally followed to create an app in the DronaHQ Studio


The user will create a user id and a password to create an account on DronaHQ Studio. The user needs to login with the same user id and password for future logins.

Create a Microapp

Once you login successfully, you will be able to see an account dashboard, wherein all apps created by your account will be seen. In Studio, any app that you build is known as Microapp. You can Add, Edit or Delete these microapps here. To create a new app, you need to click on ‘+’ icon (first icon) and then click on ‘Create New’ button to continue. You can also opt to install ready-made app from Apps Marketplace.


Microapp details

Once you click on the Create New button, you will be able to see a popup modal for the new app.

  • You need to add a name to the new app
  • You need to add a description for the new app
  • You can choose an icon to represent the app or you can upload an image of your own.

Once all details have been filled, click on the ‘ADD APP’ button to proceed to app builder view.


Create a screen

In the Studio builder view, the user can create/add a screen (as shown in the below image) and also name the screen as desired. Screen are pages or slides of the application which will have content. There can be a single screen or multiple screen app. You can add, delete or duplicate a screen for your app in SCREENS tab.

Add controls

You can add desired controls customizing each control through its properties. Controls is a predefined list of generic components to be used to create a screen. You need to add the components which can be done by clicking on Controls. Once you click on controls, you will see a predetermined list of controls. You just need to drag & drop or just click on the control that you want to add to your screen and customize it as required.

Control Properties

Properties are features of each control that can be customized for its interface or experience

Bind Data

You can bind data using available options like - Static data, through another control, from Sheets, using any Excel-like Formula, etc.


Once completed with adding desired controls, you can now Preview the screen. You can choose a desired Data Environment and preview your screen according to your devices like mobile or desktop. In the preview you can also select the option to Submit your data in the desired environment (Prod/Beta/Dev) by enabling the Submit Data toggle and test the screen.


Once satisfied, you can publish the app by clicking on Publish icon and choose the user environment (Prod/Beta users) you want to release or can give an Organizational or Public access as well.

Check on the app

The user will then download the unified DronaHQ app from the app store/play store and then check on the micro app created.

You can install the DronaHQ unified app from

PlayStore - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.drona5&hl=en_IN
AppStore - https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/dronahq/id905354460?platform=iphone&preserveScrollPosition=true#platform/iphone

or access it on Web - https://web.dronahq.com