**This article will explain how to use QUERYSTRING function in your App.

QUERYSTRING function is mainly required in cases where you want to share your application to your customers without installing the DronaHQ container App but at the same time want your customer to track/view customer specific information in your app.

Let see an example below, where I have a simple MicroApp called Order Tracking where Customer can view the current Order Status of the product ordered.


As shown above, I have added a Text Control with unique name - " customer_id " which is read only mode and assigned a Formula QUERYSTRING(“CustomerID”) where CustomerID is the Key name which will be present in the URL link which will be shared with end user via Email / SMS / QR Code / any other means of communication.

In order to check if QUERYSTRING is setup correctly, we can set a Test CustomerID . In App Builder screen, click on CONFIG from the left pane and select QUERY STRINGS Tab. Click on Add Query strings button and enter QueryString Key Name and Test Value . In this example, I have added " CustomerID " as QueryString name and Test Value as " 12345 ".

As shown above, I have a OrderTracking Sheet which has Order Status for corresponding CustomerID. For CustomerID 12345 , its Order status is Order Received.


As shown above, I am fetching the Customer Name and Order Status from OrderTracking sheet using LOOKUP based on the given Customer Id retrieved from QueryString. Formula used for Order Status Control is - LOOKUP( [OrderTracking.OrderStatus] , OrderTracking.CustomerID = customer_id)

Now, setup is complete and its time to publish the app. Once app is published, you need to generate Embed Link for your app so that it will be publicly accessible to anyone with the app link.

As shown above, Click on share option and Copy the Link shown. In this case, the link generated is DronaHQ

Now as you can see from above link, there is not CustomerID key present in QueryString. In order to share this link with my user, I will have to add respective CustomerID key in above URL before sharing this with user as shown below.

P.S. - This is just proof of concept, however, the link generation based on User can be automated using Workflows or any other third party integration.

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