Problem with Calling REST API Connector service

Hello guys,

I’m a new person here and already faced an issue with custom connectors.
I’ve created an API connector and it seems to work fine:

I’ve added it to my app and binded this service to the text area. And it works fine in preview. I receive the objects from the response:
Maybe it’s not the most beautiful response representation but at least it works:

Then I’ve tried to call this service request when clicking the button:

And every time I press the Action button I receive this error:

error: true
error_code: 1001
message: “one or many mandatory parameter(s) missing. [user_email/auth_token/nonce]”

Could you please help me? What should I configure to make it work?



Can you check again? This seemed to be an intermittent issue which has been fixed now.

Hope this Helps!

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Yes, it works now, thanks!