PDF Creator Overview

There is always a need to create customized documents suited to your organizational needs based and linked to your application like sales invoices, offer letters, summary reports and so on. The PDF Creator allows you to create your own custom templates that can be used with different applications by adding them to the workflows.

The PDF Creator basically involves two steps, create custom templates based on existing templates or design your own template on a blank template. Once this template is ready you can use it within the workflow to generate or create the PDF using dynamic values.

Types of PDF Creator

  • Variable : These templates enable you to add variables that are bound to the variables or the controls on your applications. Thus the PDF will be created with the dynamic values using the variables.
  • Summary: These are summary templates that enable you to create a summary report based on multi screen applications without using the summary control.

Using the PDF Creator

Creating a template

The PDF Creator is provided under Studio Console. Click PDF Creator and click + (Add) template. Here you have some ready templates that you can Preview and Use, like License agreement, Non-disclosure agreement, sales contract, and so on. Select the template and click Use. Now enter the name for your template and click Add Template.

You can use the ready template while modifying it to a certain extent depending upon your application design.

Another method is to design a new template from a Blank Page. You can add different containers that allow you to organize the layout of the page. You can add up to 4 resizable columns to have a custom design. Title, Headings, Text, Image components can be added to the containers to design the documents as per your application and branding needs. You can also add header and footer to your pages for further customization.

Using variables

Variables are the most important part of these templates which allow you to add data from your applications dynamically. You can add text variables and photo variables. Text variable contains all the numeric, text type data from your controls and columns while the photo variables would include the image files usually uploaded during the application operations.

Once your template is ready Save the file. The template needs to be published before it can be used in your workflows. So, click Publish and add an appropriate release note.

Using template in a workflow

The template would be generated dynamically typically on form submission. You need to add a Generate PDF task. The important action is to configure the variables by using the data option to fetch the appropriate values from the form and then generate the PDF based on the template.


Once the PDF is generated in this workflow, you can use another task within the workflow to use the PDF generated in the earlier PDF task. It can be accessed through the data option as the .PDFLINK, where the workflow name is the name of the Generate PDF task created earlier.

You can thus use the PDF creator to design your own templates and use them as per your application demands.

For a detailed explanation of the process of using a PDF Creator you can view the video and article here.