Passing object and array in connector

Hey,I want to pass array and object through my connector but it converts them to string and I dont know how to go about this.Please help

Hi @shaurya7singh,

May I know your exact use case? Like how are you trying to pass this array or object to your connector? Is it via some JS code block or via some control? In the case of control, may I know which control you have used?

Let’s assume, you have used dropdown to pass an array. In this case, make sure its type is Multiselect. The same goes for other list-type controls.

In the case of text input, this control identifies the data type based on its value. If the array has a single value, the control by default will identify it as a string and pass it on.

Based on your exact use case, I will be in a better position to suggest you the best solution here.